In THE RANT by The Ajland

While I was browsing on Facebook yesterday, I stumbled upon a shared link regarding an article on ‘pro-pedophilia’ culture. i’ll admit it, I’m easily drawn by a click-bait title. This link unfortunately led me to a website called the Feminist Current. With it’s visually appealing aesthetic, you wouldn’t think it’d be filled with such unnecessary and negative opinion pieces. In a language for feminists to understand, you could say I was ‘triggered’. Based on my previous blog posts like this one, it’s no secret how much I absolutely despise modern feminism. Even if we ignore the fact that they completely and openly shame men – it is very blatant that they assume women are complete idiots. Don’t know what I mean? LET US COUNT THE WAYS…



“…I’ve eavesdropped on groups of college-age guys talking about how they won’t perform oral sex on a woman if her labia are too prominent. One man who had been pursuing sex with me for three years, suddenly changed his mind when I revealed that I do not, and will not, shave off my pubic hair. In other words, many men stop being attracted to me when reminded that I am a woman, and not a young girl.”Feminist Current

So because I shave my legs, I’m not a woman? Honestly, I don’t know how someone managed to write this and take themselves seriously. I don’t like beards – does that mean I like young boys now? Imagine someone wrote this article the other way around and it said, “I won’t give a guy a blowjob unless he’s circumcised” – I bet feminists would be screaming ‘It’s her choice! She’s allowed to decide what she wants!” BUT all of a sudden a guy doesn’t feel like shoving his face in some hairy beef curtains and he’s the bestowed asshole? Fuck off.

“Pornography is harmful because it turns women into sexualized objects that exist for male pleasure. Because it sells painful, degrading, male-centered, uncomfortable, often violent acts as “sexy.” Because it sexualizes rape and incest and pedophilia.”Feminist Current

This makes a lot of sense because women never watch porn, right? WRONG. Women watch so much porn that there are actually FEMINIST FRIENDLY production companies. These movies are so high quality and have such top notch editing, you’d think you were watching a movie nominated for an Oscar for fuck sakes. Why? Because they make money. Who pays top dollar to watch feminist friendly porn, you ask? Not the average joe that just wants to jerk off for two seconds while watching some P in V close ups. ONE OF US, ONE OF US!

“In pedophile culture, the top Pornhub category is “Teen.” “Barely legal” “girls” in schoolgirl outfits play out everything from “virgin manipulations,” daddy-daughter incest fantasies, teacher-student make believe… you name it, there’s porn for it, and it’s been whacked-off to millions and millions and millions of times.”Feminist Current

I don’t understand why people sometimes can’t just accept that fucked up people do fucked up things. It’s possible that there isn’t a rhyme or reason why someone is messed up – it just is what it is. Blaming schoolgirl-type porn for pedophile behaviour is similar to blaming violent video games for school shootings. Stop looking for a scapegoat. Not everyone watching that babysitter threeway porno is going to try and fuck the babysitter.

“Tell him to stop watching porn. Oh, wait — does your boyfriend watch porn? Dump him.”Feminist Current

Perhaps you should watch porn with your boyfriend so you could see what a vagina would look like if you removed the furry exterior.

“Hillary Rodham, […] was forced to become Hillary Clinton in order to make the patriarchs more comfortable.”Feminist Current

Actually, she got married. It’s not uncommon for a name change to follow after that. Hilary Clinton’s family was balls deep into politics way before Bill was even around. Stop grasping at straws, Femi’s. NEXT.

“I think most women know what that word meant. I can tell you it’s been hurled at me before and its meaning was clear. Like “cunt” and “bitch,” “nasty” is aimed at women who step out of line.”Feminist Current

Okay, no. NOBODY would think this was what the underlying meaning was. Who are these ‘most women’ that directly correlate ‘nasty’ with ‘cunt’? Are you fucking insane?

“if the Women’s Events Committee were so interested in highlighting women’s athletic ability and showcasing female empowerment through sport, they specifically and only looked towards a version of “fitness” that is sexualized and exists as a means to give men chubbies.”Feminist Current

A whole article shitting on pole-dancing – WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. Anyone that’s actually tried pole dancing would know exactly how much athletic ability is required for it. It’s always funny how feminists love to sexualize things only when it’s convenient for their argument. Sexualizing breasts? Hell no! Sexualizing pole dancing? You bet your ass!

“Part of the reason men have avoided accountability for so long is because they aren’t held to account for the things they do with their mouths and dicks.”Feminist Current

“Part of the reason women have avoided accountability for so long is because they aren’t held to account for the things they do with their mouths and pussies.”

Doesn’t sound so good, does it? So why is it okay to speak about men like this? My favourite part about this entire website is how much it praises Hilary Clinton. Clinton, who is still married to her husband that cheated on her for years. She can’t hold his dick accountable, but she is your beloved savior so it doesn’t matter, right? How hypocritcal of you.

“Yes, hating the Kardashians is misogynists.”Feminist Current


I wish I could reference more of this for you, but I honestly can’t be bothered to read any more of it. That’s it, that’s all, folks. Please feel free to read my blog posts on fucking and other non-feminist related normal people things. Til next time, xo.