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Welp, I wasn’t sure what to write about this week until last minute. Clearly that post wasn’t ready in time, but lucky for me, I have eager beavers with questions awaiting some answers. While I normally mix in a little bit of love – this week’s Frisky Friday is only on the good stuff… Happy reading, kids!


Y’all nasty as hell.

Q: “Why do girls like to be dominated?”

Unless it’s an actual BDSM relationship, I don’t think it’s specifically being dominated that’s the key. It’s that it’s downright carnal when a guy is taking control. The fantasies of submission are ultimately fantasies of being extremely sexually desirable. They’re not fantasies for a strong aggressive man, but actually a strong show of desire towards the girl. It’s essentially like watching your partner masturbate while looking at you. Do not take that example as a reason to jerk off all around the house while staring at your SO.

Q: “Are guys aware of how visible the outline of their dick is when wearing sweatpants/basketball shorts or just not give a fuck?”

I feel like they might be aware? I’m not sure. The guys that read this might have to chime in. I feel like it’s the man version of a boob on a cold day.

Q: “What to do when you’re in a relationship but miss the thrill of a first fuck?”

Yikes. It’s not THAT uncommon. Stale sex is the worst sex and long-term relationships have it plenty. Please refer to this post before doing anything drastic.

is there a difference in how two pussies feel? Like does one pussy feel different than the next?

Calling all pussy connoisseurs to assist with answering the question. As a woman, I have no idea how they all feel. If you’ve watched porn, though – you know some vaginal canals look like you may as well open the window and fuck the open night instead. I’m sure girls with tighter walls would feel exponentially better.


I was taking a night class, and started chatting to this girl during our smoke break.
Eventually she came over, and we did the typical movie / couch cuddle / making out.
She gave me one of the best BJ’s I’ve ever had, and I was thinking, ‘Man, she’s going to fuck like a porn star. This is going to be awesome’
We go to my room, she’s on top, and acting a bit uncomfortable, like I’m in too deep (not bragging).
She rides for a bit, then suddenly says ‘ Did I tell you my dad used to molest me?’


Yes. We notice the break in eye contact. A .5 second glance is 20 seconds in boob time.


I had a gf who was really into anal and I’m not so much into it. Especially when it comes to me getting something up my ass.
We’ve been dating for about a month when she tried the old finger up the tail pipe while blowing me. I jumped straight up on reflex and accidentally deepthroated the poor girl and she vomited on me. So I had mixed emotions between feeling violated, pissed off, disgusted, embarrassed, and sorry for everything that just happened in less than five seconds.

We had a talk and I told her that my back door was a no go zone and I’m also not into spelunking no matter who was receiving. So I thought that was the end of it. That was until about another month goes by and we’re going at it again and she tried to shove a dildo up my ass. At least this time she wasn’t blowing me at the time and I flew off the bed and into the wall while screaming No, No, No in a very feminine high pitched squeal.

For some reason that chick was very into anal and I didn’t trust her enough not to try to shove something up my ass so we broke up. It’s too bad. That chick was perfect except for the surprise sodomy.

Q: ” Why do we watch lesbian porn if we’re straight?”

Lesbian porn is focused more on the female body which is essentially what most girls want to watch in their porn… Although most won’t admit they do.

Q: “What’s the protocol of condom usage in a two-girls-one-guy threesome? Should I be changing it with both girls every single time?”

Ugh. Sorry to burst your orgasmic bubble, but this isn’t a porno and not everyone gets tested. I’m not sure at what point every one decided to start fucking every one raw, but no. One condom per person, per sexual act.


I had an asthma attack mid-way through sex with some random dude (I’m a woman).
He was on top in missionary and I started gasping and trying to push him off me so I could get my inhaler.
He starts saying “oh you like that?” and went harder. He thought I was cumming. I was not.

Q: “Can any woman squirt?”

The question that has been debated for centuries. Yes, I think every woman can. Bare in mind that there is equally of a debate as to what the fluid is that comes out, though.

Q: “How do I give good head to a female?”



“Yup, still gay”

Welp. That’s it, that’s all, folks. Leave a comment on what sex tips you have for the question askers above. Have a great weekend!