I was on LinkedIn the other day reading an article on time management tips from a CEO. While the article was good, the commentary underneath it was completely embarrassing. Various women were complaining how the content in the article was provided by a male leader. What completely baffled my mind was just how many articles on LinkedIn are already written strictly for females. My opinion on feminism is no secret, and this combined with other current events required a rant. While I’ve already touched base on this in my last post on the subject – feel free to have a reminder.

Disclaimer: If I hear you say you’re a feminist, I assume you are either jumping on the bandwagon on the new “it” thing or you want total supremacy for the female gender with no regard whatsoever for equality. You probably won’t agree with what I say, but you should read it any way if you consider yourself one. Educate yourself.

Modern day feminism has a complete lack of acknowledgement of male issues. It is no longer about equality and is now a movement for advantages, if not supremacy. Women will argue ‘male privilege’, but will win child custody the majority of the time, as well as come out on top in most sexual harassment case, equal opportunity case, or domestic violence case, regardless of who is actually in the wrong. People who support feminism know nothing about actual statistics and what equality actually means.


Fem’s absolutely love the idea that they’re victims. Their failures as individuals are due to men being given an unfair advantage over them. They point their finger at male privilege, but take bullshit classes like Women’s Studies and then use the ‘inequality’ argument when a male is selected over them based on a skill or performance. Feminists will blame a male for anything, instead of taking personal responsibility like any independent woman should be able to do. The rest of us working women that think rationally get painted in a bad light because of behaviour like this. FYI, women come on top moneywise in their 30’s. God forbid men even say anything against feminism because they will be openly accused of misogyny.


Feminists claim they believe in giving pride to women, but any woman that shows actual feminine traits is instantly labeled as anti-feminist. The more feminine you are, the more you are contributing to gender roles that hold us back as women thus making you “part of the problem”. In fact, if you’re a woman who feels that society is not working against you, then you are simply considered not intelligent enough to understand your own oppression.


Feminist views exist in an intellectual vacuum where those views are rarely challenged by any fact or logic. When they encounter someone who doesn’t share their views, it completely baffles them. They haven’t scrutinized their own views before adopting them, and certainly aren’t going to listen to outside scrutiny or even deal with it somewhat rationally. They employ a logical loop that convinces them that they’re victimized by men in society. If a man comes along and doesn’t agree with them, it serves as some sort of absurd evidence in their minds that what they believe is true. Feminists are programmed to lash out irrationally at opposing views, because their own views are irrational.

A recent example is Lena Dunham and her comments in regards to Odell Beckham Jr. not making conversation with her at the Met Gala. She determined he viewed her as not the shape of a woman by his standards’ and painted him as sexist. A few days later she apologized for the commentary, and this is okay because a man didn’t do it.

Of course, feminists backed her argument before the apology. Not a single mention from them in regards to Lena writing about sexually molesting her sister for years in her book, or her tweets about molesting other children in her dreams. Clearly she has an obvious issue respecting boundaries and understanding consent. Since she isn’t a man, it’s okay… right?

I know my post won’t change any existing feminist’s views. If they could meet halfway where the sane people are that would be great, but I’m not holding my breath.

That’s it, that’s all, folks.


Feminists be cray.