In THE NERD by The Ajland

Anyone that went to school with me will know how bad I am at math, but I think it’s safe for me to say that I’m turning 26 in about a month or so. The issue with writing a personal blog without a niche is trying to come up with interesting topics. Naturally, I was going to bitch about cyclists, but instead decided to write one on what I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to from the darker quarter. While I personally don’t prefer to tell anyone how to live their life – if I I can share random mantras I’ve accumulated in life like some long-haired surfer dude who spent the last year backpacking in Bali, great. Without further ado…

Good Riddance To:

1. Not fixing other people’s issues

I’ve done this in relationships, in friendships, and even in my career. Do you know what happens when you put all your focus in helping others meet their goals? You lose sight of your own. I like to compare this to that airplane safety instruction where it tells you to put your own mask on first.

While I’m an immense believer in supporting your friends’ success and helping them achieve their greatness – focus on your own shit before you spend your time fixing someone else’s shit. This is NOT selfish.

2. Convincing myself I need one more shot (of vodka)

You’re straddling a buzz after consuming 10+ shots of Goose within the last hour, but you just aren’t over the edge yet…. What’s one more?
Well actually, thanks to the millennial era, it’s an embarrassing picture of you blacked out with a Hitler mustache sharpied on your face. Pace yourself.

3. Having shitty friends

As I get older – I’m always tired, my back hurts every other day, and my patience with people is also at a 0. People will show you exactly who they are and how they operate, and you shouldn’t expect them to change. I don’t have time to pretend with anybody nor do I have the energy to. It’s okay not to be friends with everybody! With that being said, appreciate the real friends you have and treat them like gold.

4. Making excuses for why you’re not where you want to be

Being a successful professional is overrated and honestly, no one cares. We all want to make it in this world – stop feeling bad about what you do or the length of time it’s taking you to get there. If you have a goal and you’re working towards it, you should already give yourself a pat on the back. I can literally summarize this entire post with the single sentence, “Focus on your own shit.”

5. Assuming bad situations will somehow magically get better

They don’t.
I avoid problems – I said it. I recognized this as a kid when I’d lose my retainer and bypass my parents every time they asked why I wasn’t wearing it. Am I the only person that would put it in a napkin and forget about it?

Own up to your mistakes and do better. Walking around with that feeling in the pit of your stomach absolutely blows, so fix it now. You’ll survive, I promise.

6. Apologizing for things I don’t actually feel bad about. (Canadians, cover your ears)

“Sorry, I don’t give out my number to randoms.”
“Sorry, I need to use my charger first.”

Actually, I’m not fucking sorry.

7. Wallowing in self pity

While I appreciate what a precious victim I make, no. If you ever plan on being successful some day (or even having people want to be around you), stop complaining. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Take the opportunities you have to grow. P.S. – Hanging around with people that have this type of attitude ARE THE WORST.

8. Putting things off

Like writing my book or finally cleaning my jewelry with that cool trick I saw on Pinterest. Of course I’ll continue to put off exercise because that’s why God gave us Adderall.

9. Doubting myself

Trust me, no one else knows what they’re doing either. Reach for the top. You can do it; I believe in you.

10. Judging strangers

I always say I’ll stop doing this, but I never do. Even though this makes for some pretty great blog posts, I really need to start giving everyone a break. Listen up, fucking psycho driving 90km in a 50km zone with a ‘Baby On Board’ sticker – You do your thing, I won’t judge. Judge-free zone. Cyclists… ehhh, not so much.

That’s it, that’s all, folks. Leave me a comment on what your life lesson is!